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Check out our new online running store! We feature high-quality, state of the art, comfortable, shoes, technical gear, and anything a runner could need. We are a locally owned and operated business and are happy to be able to accommodate our customers. We value feedback from our customers, so please let us know what you would like to see in your online store.

When VRB opened in 2013, Summit County already had a number of great running events in place, including the Summit Trail Running SeriesRun the Rockies, and Breck Crest In 2014 the VRB family will partner to support existing races and introduce some great new events such as The Ultra Race of Champions (the world championships of trail running) and La Maratona VerticaleCheck out our events calendar for more upcoming races, run clubs, and all things running!

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VRB Now has an online store!

We believe that it is important to provide running clubs and teams for the running community. Featuring three different run clubs, ranging from our Wednesday Barrel of Fun Run Club to more aggressive trail running clubs. TeamVRB is comprised of four different teams, Triathlon, Race, Elite Mountain and Elite Road. These teams compete in a variety of different races. Teams and clubs are a great way to unify runners and build community. We also started a kids running team in 2014, to encourage our youth to get involved with running!  We truly are more than just a running store.

Vertical Runner Breckenridge will be embarking on a new journey, Breckenridge Running Camps, in 2015. This high altitude training camp is designed for runners looking to improve their running performance, increase fitness and endurance, and have a great time! Check out our camp page for more information! This is not going to be your ordinary training camp!