2015 Summit Trail Running Series- Carter Park (5)

Carter Park (5) Starting at Carter Park the runners start with a wonderful climb up the Park’s awesome switchbacks. A long race for both the long and short courses this is a really fun and challenging STRS race. 
Date: Wednesday August 12, 2015
Time:  6:00pm
Out on Tiger Road after it turns to dirt the Dredge Boat lot is the start/finish.
Course Maps:
Horseshoe Gulch Short Course  (8K)

Horseshoe Gulch Long Course  (14K)
Photos and Results:
2014 Photos and Results Carter Park

Such a beautiful night for a hilly Summit Trailing Running Series. Thanks everyone for coming out and making a great night. See you all in a couple weeks for the conclusion of the 2015 STRS.

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