2014 STRS- Carter Park (6)

A beautifully rainy day that cleared up just in time for the finale of the 2014 STRS was the back drop for the Carter Park race. It has been an amazing summer for The Series. Thanks so much to Westy and Mav Sports, the Town of Breckenridge Recreation Dept, the North Face and the shop for helping put this great event on! More importantly, thanks to all the runners for coming out in all kinds of crazy weather! You truly make this a wonderful experience.

Like usual, enjoy the pictures! Feel free to share, edit, or do anything you like with them. I am working on a way to make the high quality versions more accessible, check back soon and maybe I will have something set up! Thanks again! Nominate us for Top 50 running stores in America and support our online shopSTRS Carter Park (6) Results 2014

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