McKenna Douglas

McKenna Douglas

McKenna Douglas

Location: Vail , Colorado

About: I ran my first 10k in my tween years- I was hooked. chased soccer and tennis balls for a bit, then made the transition to running-

Favorite place to run: the mountains of colorado/my backyard — a good sea level beach run is always refreshing.

Favorite race- Transrockies run 3!!!

Funniest story- I’m notoriously known for getting lost when I am roughly 300 yards or so from the finish— always a crowd pleaser!!

” My run, My speed, My way, forget the Jonses, I’m keeping up with myself”
” Run like you stole something”

2014 goals— ¬† defend placement in both heavy half (leadville) and uroc 50k— inspire and motivate others to get out there! run race run -recover- fun runs with my kids- Maizy and Mack

Why Team VRB: The vrb store is simply amazing and VERY needed.- It feels great to be affiliated with such a passionate and supportive local business who has a vested interest in ¬†promoting mountain running — I’m stoked to represent this new mountain “tribe” and cross paths with its members at various races and events! hats off to vtb for bringing the trail running community closer together.