Nicole Clement

nicolerun1Name: Nicole Clement

Location: Lakewood, CO

Hometown: Michigan

Career: Bayshore Marathon, 2:57.25 – 3rd Overall, Grand Rapids Marathon, 3:01.03 – 2nd Overall, Kalamazoo Marathon, 3:04.54 – 1st Overall, Panda Bear 1/2 Marathon, 1:23.54 – 1st Overall

Favorite Place to Run: Getting lost on trails in the mountains!

Favorite Race: Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, MI.  Watching the sunrise over the lake is amazing!

Funniest Running Story: I was running the first stage of the Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race when a film crew started running behind me.  All of a sudden I tripped over a root and fell into a tree. They caught it on camera and replayed it that night for all my friends and ended up using the clip for a promotional trailer for the race!

Quote: “Each day presents new opportunities and challenges.  So get out there and spend time doing what you love!”

2014 Goal(s): Run an Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifying time, become a better runner on both roads and trails!

Why be a part of VRB team: To represent a great store all over the front range and mountains on roads and trails!nicolerun2

Additional Bio on Nicole:
Nicole is a marathon/ultra distance runner who lives in Lakewood, Colorado. She enjoys both competitive road and trail racing.

Nicole has been racing competitively since 2010 and has completed distances ranging from half marathons to 50K’s. She has received numerous accolades from her running achievements, including Kalamazoo Area Runners Female Open Runner of the Year, Michigan Female Ultra Runner of the Year for 2012 & 2013, and has won several races.

Nicole’s racing accomplishments:
 2011 Grand Rapids Marathon – 2nd place (3:01:03)
 2011 Huff 50K – 1st place (4:50:04)
 2012 Yankee Springs Winter Challenge 50K – 1st place (4:27:55, course record)
 2012 & 2013 33.5-mile Kal-Haven Ultra Marathon – 1st place (4:04:48, course record)
 2012 Kalamazoo Marathon – 1st place (3:04:54)
 2012 Bayshore Marathon – 3rd place (2:57:25)
 2012 Yankee Springs Marathon – 1st place (3:32:35, course record)  2012 Dirtyburg 50K – 1st place (4:21:35,course record)
 2012 Panda Bear Night Run 1⁄2 Marathon – 1st place (1:23:54)
 2012 North Country Trail Marathon – 1st place (3:26:50, course record) 2012 Capital City River Run Half Marathon – 1st place (1:24:07)
 2011 Kalamazoo Area Runners – Open Female Runner of the Year  2012 & 2013 Michigan Female Ultra Runner of the Year
Nicole recently moved to Colorado from Michigan at the beginning of 2014 and is enjoying the weather and all of the outdoor activities and running in the surrounding areas.