Running Tips

Running Tips & Lessons Learned

 1.“Go out hard…when it hurts speed up” –Matt Carpenter.   Although this may be a strategy for super humans the rest of us should approach the start of a race at a pace that we can maintain throughout the distance.  With the excitement of race day it is much to easy to go out hard only to run out of gas later.  START SLOW, listen to your body and shoot to run the second half faster than the first.  You will finish strong and reap the added mental benefit of passing people throughout your race.

 2.Aid stations & Hydration:  Ever try to gulp water from a tiny dixie cup only to spill it all over yourself? Those little cups are great to grab and throw over your head on a hot day but for hydration try a simple hand-held.  On shorter races this will allow you to bypass aid stations all together.  More importantly you can hydrate on your schedule.  For distances under 1hr simple water is all that is needed. 

 3.Be sure to arrive to races with ample time to warm up.  Get the blood moving, muscles activated and ready, heart rate up prior to the start rather then beginning cold. 

 4.Don’t change a thing on race day!  Many people have made the mistake of eating differently, wearing new clothing, and even new shoes on race day.  Don’t be that guy.  On race day everything from your feet up should have been tested throughout your training.  You should have the confidence that all your equipment, fuel, and perceived effort levels have been time tested.

 5.Hay in the barn, money in the bank, investments made.  Training needs to be consistent.  Race day is the time to make the withdrawl from all that hard work.  Each and every day counts in training.  However, if you find yourself leading up to your race having missed your training goals DON’T think you can simply cram in the miles at the last second.  Sorry – that’s not how it works. 

 6.Building Volume/miles/time on feet.  Be consistent and be patient!  No more than 10% increase each week.  A safe and effective way to build volume is considering 2 runs in a day.  Yes….2 runs 

 7.Never underestimate the value of REST.  Active rest is ok.  When training for an event/race have purpose for each day.  REST has purpose!  This allows for quality runs. 

 8.Change it up.  Make each run count.  Many have had success with by having a weekly long run, followed by a recovery day or active rest day.  Tempo runs, lactate runs, interval runs, hill repeats.  Don’t get in a rut of same pace, same effort each and every day.  Change it up!

 9.Run with your dog!  Fido might be your best training partner ever.  The enthusiasm the energy is contagious.  Never a complaint about time of day, weather being to cold or to hot.  Seriously if you have a dog this is the best training partner!

10.  Struggling with motivation?  Try listening to audio podcasts geared towards running.  Let the stories of others inspire you.  Check out