Dana Kracaw

Dana_Kracaw_crop-150x150Name: Dana Kracaw

Location (where do you live): Leadville, Colorado

How long have you been running? I started running ultras about 4 years ago. I ran cross country in high school and club in college.

Favorite Place to run?: 4 pass loop, Aspen Colorado or Rothrock Forest in Pennsylvania. Anywhere in the mountains with singletrack and aspens!

Favorite Race?: Big Horn 50 miler in Wyoming – wildflowers are fantastic!

Funniest Running Story?: I am known to hallucinate a lot during 100 milers. During Leadville, I told my pacer he was stupid because he didn’t know there were orcas and whales in Turquoise Lake (mile 90) and shortly after I was scared to keep running cause there were trolls all over the course (mile 97). At Bear 100, I asked my pacer why there were naked little boys dancing around on the trail singing, she told me to not tell anyone that and keep running!

Favorite Inspirational/Running Quote? “You do not know how strong you can be till strong is your only option.”

2014 Goal(s)?: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – August is the main goal. To stay healthy and strong throughout a summer of training and get stronger on the hills.

Why be a part of VRB team? Thrilled to be part of a running store that supports trail running so much and creating such a fantastic running community in the high country!