Heather Jossi

HeatherName: Heather Jossi

Location: Lakewood, Co

Hometown: Oklahoma

Career: On and off for 15 years, Hardcore for 10 years

Favorite Place to Run: Front Range Trails, Co., Evergreen

Funniest Running Story:  Running down from Green Mountain, Summit County, Co., I saw guys running up riding on stick ponies between their legs. Also running at Green Mountain seeing a guy running an ass, burro.

Favorite Race: Jung Frau Marathon, Mt Evans Ascent

Quote: “Believe in miracles; relentless forward progress; embrace the suck.”

2014 Goal(s): Mt Evans Ascent in under 2:30, To get faster and better as a mountain runner.

Why be a part of VRB team: Awesome store and so cool to be surrounded by mountain runners. Also, I have never been on a running team.