Jen Schappert

351_35195531174_5568_nName: Jen Schappert

Location: Breckenridge, Co

Hometown: Kremmling, Co

Career: A long stinkin’ time, since 6th grade!

Favorite Place to Run: Through crunchy leaves!

Favorite Race: Any that I win!

Funniest Running story: I can’t top Nikki’s so why try?

Quote: “Go as hard as you can and when you feel like you’re gonna die, hope that you have trained hard enough to be at the finish line.”

2014 Goal(s): Go running, do some races, write down a PR so I can fill out this section on my application next year!

Why be a part of VRB team:  Go local or go home!!! Plus, VRB is pretty cool!