Kristin Jossi-Zosel

KristinName: Kristin Zosel

Location: Highlands Ranch, Co

Hometown: Nebraska

Career: Since 1993

Favorite Place to Run: Alpine environment, Rockies, high cascades, etc.

Favorite Race: Adventure runs like 4 pass loop, Epic Run Anchorage,

Funniest Running Story: 2nd half of an unsupported 50 mile run with only 19 runners, no one around for miles, Alaska mountains, stopped to pee, 30 seconds later a biker comes around a corner and crashed in front of me, saw no one else until the end of the race.

Quote: “It never always gets worse– when in doubt, go up.”

2014 Goal(s): Eliminate a 3 year biomechanical injury. Have a solid Speedgoat 50K,  Sky running race,  sub 2:45 Mt. Evans Ascent, sub 3:30 Pikes Peak Ascent

Why be a part of VRB team: Fun Folks! Great store! Get Vert!