Mark Martin Williams


Mark Martin Williams


Name: Mark Martin-Williams

Location: Breckenridge, Co

Career: High school cross country (’88-’92), and 2009 to present

Favorite Place to Run: Trails, the out and back to Kenosha pass on the CT is current favorite

Favorite Race: Hard to say, really enjoyed 2013 UROC

Funniest Running Story: Most of my stories invariably involve various bodily functions… The one that I am most comfortable  sharing, however, is when I ran my first ultra at the Leadville Slver Rush 50 in July 2011, I felt great for almost 5 hours. The last almost 6 hours were a miserable combination of stomach issues and pain. My mantra for those final 25 finals was that I am an idiot, this is the stupidest thing I have ever done and I will never do it again. Needless to say, by bedtime that night I had forgotten and had set up a more aggressive training plan for 2012.

Here I am, 7 ultras later… probably stupider, but happier as well.

Quote: 1. Seen on a shirt in an ultra, “If found on the ground, please hit “pause” on my Garmin”   2. I do a significant amount of mileage in the pre-dawn/post dusk hours… “3 out of 4 voices in my head to sleep, the other says I need to run.” I keep listening to the 4th.  3. “My sport is your sports punishment.”

2014 Goal(s): Having plantar fasciitis in both of my feet, my goals are to compete in the race would normally with similar results to the previous year on about 60% of the training mileage.

Why be a part of VRB team: I love the community of runners! Aside from being inspired by other runners, it’s great to have some where to talk about running without someone’s eyes glossing over.