Nikki La Rochelle

NikkiName: Nikki LaRochelle

Location: Breckenridge, Co

Career: Started seriously running in college (as in trying on some level)

Favorite Place to Run: Our local Breckenridge Trail System, atop and primarily down our Colorado 14ers, and I really love running in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Funniest Running Story:  Long story short, I headed out to pre-run a 10k trail race course, got lost, ran down a big hill that I didn’t want to run back up, got more lost, started post-holing through deep snow, saw a bear, freaked out; ran out of water; saw more bear prints, came up with bear survival plan where I would create a tourniquet out of my shoe lace after the bear inevitably bit my arm off; got more lost. Found some strangers, started crying; got escorted out of the forest; got driven back to my car which was 9 miles away, 4 hours later, I stress ate a cheeseburger and called it a day.

Favorite Race: I loved UROC 100K, the Breck Crest (our local trail marathon) and the Rimrock Marathon, the more climbing and descending the better.

Quote: “Ask yourself: Can I give more? the answer is usually: “Yes” ~Paul Tergat

2014 Goal(s):  Right now my goal is to run- Wow things have changed for me! I’ve had a very lasting, insdious injury since November. I’m not out of the woods yet so I need to be realistic. My goal at the moment is doing everything I can to recover and get back to running. If I can run a mile by May I will be thrilled. And much good can come from this-bad. I am going to be so motivated; so on fire when I’ll be back running! I’ll be ready to conquer the world!

Why be a part of VRB team: We here, in Summit County are so grateful to have Vertical Runner Breckenridge. They are a world-class running store to be sure, but they are so much more than that. They have a passion and are so driven to generate, build, support, and include the running community. What an asset for Summit County. I am so PROUD to wear this kit and represent such a wonderful company who gives so much to each of us.