Paul Steinweg

PaulName: Paul Steinweg

Location: Breckenridge, Co

Career: 4 years

Favorite Place to Run: Not Inside

Favorite Race: Boston Marathon or Denver Rock and Rock & Roll

Funniest Running Story: I thought I was pretty brilliant for fastening my electrolyte capsules to my watch with Spiderman duct tape. It was a great plan until I accidently ate a 6” strip of duct tape mid-run. Didn’t go down too smooth.

Quote: “It’s not that heart disease runs in your family, it’s that nobody runs in your family.”

2014 Goal(s): Run PRs in the marathon, half marathon, and 10k distances. (or maybe just one of those). Run one “ultramarathon” even if it’s just barely an “ultra”.

Why be a part of VRB team: Want to help grow the local running community, get the “team feel” again in a sport, wear a cool uniform, and help support a great store by flashing their logos everywhere. (ideally seen from behind while running in a race… when we pass you)

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