Stephen Oppito

photoName: Stephen Oppito

Location (where do you live): Silverthorne, CO

How long have you been running?: 1-1/2 years

Favorite Place to run?: Bike path along Lake Dillon

Favorite Race?: Frisco Turkey Trot – It is “fun for the whole family” with a very diverse crowd of runners.  It feels good to get out for 5k’s before a day of eating.

Funniest Running Story?: Lots of falls on ice and being chased by dogs…not sure what’s funny about those.  I guess I need a little more time in the sport to get something funny. I’ll be on the lookout this summer.

Favorite Inspirational/Running Quote?: Don’t take yourself to seriously, run with a smile on your face!

2014 Goal(s)?:Run a marathon time that will qualify me for Boston.  Enter more races to gain race experience as well as try out different distances.  Try trail running.  Convert some non-runners to the sport.  Get my kids out running more.  Track workouts.

Why be a part of VRB team?: To meet others to run with.  Take part in some of the local races and help support the sport in this area.