TeamVRB Race

Team VRB Race: Athletes compete at a high level and in a wide array of distances and events. The team features many podium appearances and great showings at a variety of races.  They represent VRB at events and are great ambassadors for Vertical Runner Breckenridge. Oh, and by the way… they are pretty freakin’ fast!

    Ken Stewart

        Hannah Lang

            Laura Amble

                Brigid Coady

                • Location: Breckenridge, CO/London, England
                • Full Bio

                    Jason Dietz

                        Candy Emerson

                            Scott Bierman

                                Shannon Haynes

                                    Sam Reynolds

                                        Mia Tarduno

                                            Melissa Baumann

                                                Katie Schroeder

                                                    Justin Busch

                                                        Matt Hanson

                                                            Pete Gallup

                                                                Carrie Costello

                                                                    Robbie Pike

                                                                        Molly Griffith

                                                                            Heather Jossi

                                                                                Stephanie Lefferts

                                                                                    Molly Mikita

                                                                                        Taniel Ilano

                                                                                            Stephen Oppito

                                                                                                Malia Brown

                                                                                                    Amy Hume

                                                                                                        Sabrina Stanley

                                                                                                        Full Time Rockstar

                                                                                                        Sabrina is the bomb.  She became a part of the family when she started running for the team.  Eventually we convinced her to work for us!  Now she’s stuck with us for life!  Sabrina brings a ton of running experience to the team, as she dominates both road and trails….from Santa Dashes to 100 milers.  You have questions?  Sabrina has answers!

                                                                                                        • Location: Breckenridge/Steamboat

                                                                                                          Laura Gallup

                                                                                                              Matt Larsen

                                                                                                                Team VRB is proudly sponsored by many local and national companies. Without the support of these companies the team would not exist, Thank you sponsors! Please email with questions about becoming a sponsor!